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Manorhamilton Church History


Manorhamilton was another town in the West of Ireland in which John Wesley preached on his travels, and a church was soon established there. After the partition of Ireland in 1922, some of the Protestant residents of Manorhamilton felt it would be safer to move the short distance to Enniskillen, in Co. Fermanagh, on the other side of the border. One such Methodist family in Enniskillen who still retained links with their family's old church was that of the late Senator Gordon Wilson.


As numbers dwindled, the Manorhamilton circuit was amalgamated, first with the Blacklion circuit in Co. Cavan, retaining a minister in Manorhamilton, and later with the Sligo circuit, at which time (1968) the minister residing in Sligo took responsibility for the Manorhamilton society. Before this last change, the congregation had taken the brave step of leaving their old large church, which was in poor repair, and building a new, modern church and hall a short distance away. This was opened in 1960. The old church has been renovated by the local community and is now used as a Heritage Centre.


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